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The course will be locally organized by esteemed Dr. Duško Lainšček and Prof Roman Jerala from the National Chemistry Institut (Ljubljana, Slovenia). They will count with the collaboration of Dr. Dhano Gupta from Institute of Developmental & Regenerative Medicine, Oxford university (Oxford, UK).

The course orchestrates around dissecting efficacy and specificity of cutting-edge genome editing technologies considering the major layers that are needed for the success of clinical genome editing interventions. The syllabus articulates around 3 blocks:
1) NVDM: Non-Viral Delivery Methods.
In which we will learn about efficacy and specificity of genome editing delivery tools. And also, applications across different cell types and approaches in clinical settings.
2) Comparative Analyses of Genome Editing (GE)tools.
Evaluating efficacy and specificity of various genome editing tools. And including the comparison of different delivery methods for optimal outcomes.
3) In Vivo Genome Editing Techniques.
Investigating in vivo genome editing techniques in animal models and clinical scenarios. And assessing efficacy and specificity within specific tissues and organs.

From the Genome Editing for the treatment of human diseases (GeneHumdi, COST CA21113), we are happy to announce that we count with the support and expertise of many members interested and the participation of the action chair Karim Benabdel Lah and SCC F. Javier Molina as coordinators.

GeneHumdi #SummerSchool2024

June 26, 2024 June 28, 2024

Great News for younger Genome Editing trainees and early career scientist. GeneHumdi chair Karim Benabdellah has confirmed the participation of the COST Action CA21113 in the incoming training school "Comprehensive Understanding of the latest advancements in gene editing delivery methods" in collaboration with the National Institute of chemistry. It will be held this summer June 26-28 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
For more info on how to apply and COST support options, follow us GeneHumdi on Linked in, Twitter @genehumdi or our web updates at

National Institute of Chemistry, Kemijski inštitut
Hajdrihova ulica 19,
Ljubljana, 1000

Email to Dr. Duško Lainšček or Prof Roman Jerala for further info

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