GenE-Humdi CA21113 COST Action Launches First Call for Inclusive Target Countries Conference Grants

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The Genome Editing to Treat Humans Diseases (GeneHumdi | COST Action CA21113) has launched its first call for Inclusive Target Countries Conference Grants (CGs). The aim of these grants is to encourage the participation of young members from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) and Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs) in the activities related to GenE-Humdi COST Action purpose and to improve the quality of scientific research and training in these regions. PhD students, young researchers, and innovators under the age of 40 who are affiliated with an institution located in an ITC country are eligible to apply for the grant.

Individuals attending an in-person conference could receive up to €2000. The Grant Awarding Committee of the Action will assess each application based on the conference’s context, sessions, scientific topics and relevance, and contribution to the Action’s strategic priorities and objectives. The ITC Conference Grants of this first call will be available within the first Grant Period of the Action, i.e., by 31 October 2023.

Applicants need to have an e-COST profile as all applications must be processed through the e-COST online management tool. The deadline for the first round of applications is May 28th for applicants willing to assist to events starting after June 15th, and a second round´s deadline is June 25th for events starting after July 22th. The ITC CGs committee will review all applications, and the evaluation of applications will take about two weeks. The committee reserves the right to grant an amount that is less than the requested sum. The successful applicant will receive a Grant Letter that specifies the approved amount and the conditions that must be met to receive the grant.

GeneHumdi participates and promotes several Genome Editing related events, please refer to the grant bases, for suggested events. After the event, the grantee must submit required reports and relevant documentation in e-COST within 30 days after the end date of the activity or 15 days after the end of the Grant Period. The grantee must report the outcome of the presentation of the accepted contribution, the certificate of attendance, and the program of the conference or book of abstracts/proceedings indicating the presentation, following the indications in the grant announce bases.

For additional information on the submission process, applicants may refer to the reference document here For more information on GenE-Humdi, please visit the official webpage. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact:

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