Workshop on CRISPR Technologies and iPSC-Based Disease Models

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We are thrilled to announce a virtual seminar series dedicated to the innovative domains of CRISPR technologies and iPSC-based disease models. Join us to gain insights from experts in gene editing and iPSC modeling.

Seminar Series Highlights:

– Introduction to CRISPR (CRISPR 101)

– Potential of iPSC-Based Disease Models

– Massively parallel CRISPR/Cas gene perturbation

– CRISPR-Based Gene Modulation Techniques

– Strategies for Efficient Gene Editing Delivery

– Immune Modulation via Gene Editing

📅 Dates: 14th – 24th November

⏰ Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

🔗 Access Link to the Seminars: (will be announced soon)

Expand Your Network!

Alongside the seminar series, we are also launching virtual forums, envisioned as a platform for enthusiasts, experts, and novices alike. Dive into discussions, share your thoughts, and pose questions. Let’s build a thriving community centered on the transformative potential of gene editing and its clinical applications.

🔗 Join the Forums on Discord:

Stay tuned for more detailed information. Ensure you’re connected to our Discord server to stay updated.

As a token of appreciation, certificates of attendance will be provided to those who attend the seminar series.

Registration Form:

Any question, you can contact directly the organizer 📧

or our Grant Holder Manager 📧

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